Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Matters Most

Charlotte is my pride and joy and she loves playing fetch. She is turning one on July 31 and can't wait to spend the next 14 or so years with my furbaby. I had a pretty crazy day at work on friday moving into our new work stations and so I had to stay late to finish up some work. No matter what happens at work and how crazy things can get, I can always come home and be greeted at the door by Charlotte and then all my troubles go away.

Crazy Weather

This summer has had a sloooooooooow start here in Alberta. It has been hot, cold, hot, cold and everything inbetween. Had horific thunderstorms with hail and when the storm is over some amazing sunsets. Also had a rainbow over the house too. Not sure if it's global warming or just typical Alberta!! On vacation the last two weeks of August and first week of September so hopefully summer will stick around.